[NAFEX] Nanking problems

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 6 11:37:51 EDT 2004

 	These darn borers are killing all my Nanking cherry
bushes!! I don’t know if they are the same
round-headed borers that affect other fruit trees.
They are about 1/4 inch in size, but the head is not
as large as the ones I seen in the books. My other
Prunus (hardy almond, Stella cherry, Jan, and Joy
cherry) seem unaffected. It is difficult to see the
holes. They are very small, and close to the root
crown Also, the low bushy growth of the bushes makes
it hard to see what is going on at the base if your
just casually looking around. Nankings don’t seem to
make of gummy residue or frass, so you really have to
look. The ground will be wet and bark will be soft in
area. In fact, I thought it was a disease at first.

So what are my options now?

1) Try and save some of them.
I do see some callus formation around the crown and
maybe a few roots. I could try to mound the dirt and
see if I could root them above the injury, but I don’t
know if I got all the grubs out of the bark.

2) Start over.
The bushes are not that expensive. They are so
productive a few bushes will give me all I need, I
guess I could just start that bed over. I still need
to find away to prevent this from happening again.
Maybe put some Tanglefoot around the base each spring?

3) Find something else
Could  the Nankings not work here? I know Hector has
had some problems with borers in the past, and they do
seem to suffer a bit in Atlanta's hot weather. Lets
not even talk about the Japanese beetles.

Any suggestions?

Robert Hamilton
Atlanta, GA

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