[NAFEX] Plums and early ripening

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 5 07:56:16 EDT 2004

Alderman, Superior, and Monitor are pruducing loads of fruit, like the 
pictures youi see in nursery catalogs. South Dakota blooms like crazy but in 
three years of procuction hasn't produced much fruit. I think it is a good 
idea to have lots of pollinizers nearby for maximum production, not just two 
different ones.
Monitor seems to be an excellent plum in flavor and texture altho the skin 
is a bit sour.
South Dakota is unusual , I like it but its not what you expect from a plum, 
its seems to lack sugar and acid but still, worht growing, I do look 
forwared to the early ripening fruits wit hthe non sour skin.
In S WI the lower half of our orchard pruduced almost no fruit, I can't help 
think it is due to the rain which kept the water level very high for about 
three weeks this spring. The fruit of Lodi ripened a full month early, but 
there were only about 4 apples per tree (lower end of orchard)
In N WI, the opposite, sandy soil, well drained, I have lots of fruit, like 
never before, and everything is very late to ripen as I mentioned in an 
earlier post.

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