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There is a molecular test recently developed by a Japanese group that allows pollen-constant, non-astringent asian persimmons to be identified at the seedling stage (http://www.actahort.org/books/622/622_16.htm). Not sure if it would work with American persimmons. There also is a similar marker found in kiwifruit that can sometimes identify male seedlings. These tests are based on DNA sequences that are closely linked to the determining genes. Unfortunately, this test requires using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to amplify the target DNA sequences using a rather expensive thermal cycler. This would be rather routine for a university research lab, but certainly not the simple test that a backyard grower or nurseryman could use. I am not aware of any morphological or cellular features that could be observed to determine sex, other than the actual flowers.

Hal Love
zone 6b, TN

      Does anyone know of a test to determine the sex of a plant?  I'm speaking of plants like Persimmon, Kiwi, Bitter Sweet, etc. that have male plants and female plants.  Among mammals, for example, the cells of females contain Barr bodies and males do not; a simple test for anyone passessing a microscope.  Is there a similar test to tell male plants from female plants?

  Jim Fruth
  Pequot Lakes, MN


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