[NAFEX] where do you live?

jeff jko at bsn1.net
Wed Aug 4 01:10:34 EDT 2004

On Tue, 03 Aug 2004 10:03:50 -0700
derry&bill <wchase at interchange.ubc.ca> wrote:

> Jeff,
> Let us know where you grow your fruits. Your information is more valuable if you
> are growing in my area.
> My Desert King has not fruited yet (four years) in my area of PNW. It dies back to
> the ground each year.

Hi Derry,
All my data was form a frost pocket (grin) at about 800 feet elevation
near Mt Hood.  Having said that, I've got to add that micro climates
are big factors here.  I've planted King figs in several locations and
gotten different results.  It appears that temperature isn't always the
dominant factor in their survival.  As Lon said, watering may be a big
factor and there may be others.  I've been dumping wood ashes on one
fig and urine on another fig.  The fig with ashes is doing a little better.
I've tried various types of greenhouses and ground covers.  They seem
to produce better fruit outside with weed block around the base.  Of course,
these observations are not scientific and need more data.  I did have
on strange occurrence with figs.  While digging about ten feet from a
fig the shovel cut a 1/2 inch root.  The fig promptly died.  This indicates
roots may be something we should pay attention to.


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