[NAFEX] need help with cherry ID

jeff jko at bsn1.net
Sun Aug 1 11:30:21 EDT 2004

On Mon, 02 Aug 2004 16:18:11 -0700
"Lon J. Rombough" <lonrom at hevanet.com> wrote:

> I had P. tomentosa for at least ten years and never got one fruit. 

Thanks... We have similar weather and no fruit after about 8 years.
I was about to order some more bushes and try some experiments.

>From my trials it appears that some general rules about
Pacific Northwest Springs might be:
 * Most stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots, etc.)
   are impacted by our cool springs.
 * Pears and apples have good and bad years.  The good years
   are very good and the bad years impact selected plants.
 * Grapes always grow strongly but long cool springs sometimes
   impact sweetness.
 * The kiwi must be niche sensitive.  Our issai does great but
   is reported marginal by others.  The fuzzy kiwi's have
   frost problems at times.
 * The Desert King fig is dependable.
 * Persimmons grow but the fruit has trouble ripening.
 * Paw Paw are dependable

 -Jeff Owens

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