[NAFEX] Plum Choices

Penny White PlumHillFarm at gmavt.net
Mon Aug 2 20:00:29 EDT 2004

Hello, we have several plums on this list which have fruited.

Green Gage
    Takes years until large harvest, susceptible to brown     rot, very good
flavor, Our tree is ~ ten years old, and tis year is the first large set.

    Large fruit later bloom (needs late blooming plum to pollinate) and
riping than most american/japanese hybrids, good, self thins late (ie have
to early thin to prevent branch breaking)

    Very good bright red fruit, early bearer ripens here beginning august
(ie now)

        Early bearing smaller fruit, extremely aromatic very good, blooms
early for an extended period. We have not had any health problems with this
tree, but a early late frost will knock out the buds. Ripens beginning
august (not yet this year)

    Larger than Toka but not as aromatic. Appears to be very hardy (ie
always has at least some fruit), good tasting, starting to ripen now

    Last year was its first large harvest (4 years), roundish sweet aromatic
very good, ripens mid august, heavy bearing

    Early bearing very tasty, but cracks like crazey. Our main use for this
plum is to make "talking plum jam" (the cracks look like smiles).

S. Dakota
    Pretty smaller yellow gold fruit with alittle orange color. Sweet, mild,
not so heavy producer (ie don't have to thin much). Our south dakotas appear
to be the same as our  "La Cresent" even though we got then from different
sources. Starting to ripen now.

My favorites are Toka, Kahinta, Techumseh, Alderman, and they all ripen at
different times.

Eric White
Charlotte, Vt. Zone 4

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