[NAFEX] need help with cherry ID

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Mon Aug 2 19:18:11 EDT 2004

I had P. tomentosa for at least ten years and never got one fruit.  The
blossoms always came out in the cold, wet weather of spring so that they
were quickly infected with pseudomonas that blasted them and most of the
shoot.  When warm dry weather came, the plants would put out lots of healthy
new shoots, and with the dead wood cleaned out, the plants looked splendid.
But the cycle repeated itself every year until I finally said "enough" and
pulled them.
-Lon Rombough

It must be Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa).  This is the first time I
have seen it.  I found a number of pictures that look just like the
plants I found.  Here is an example from an arboretum in Idaho.
Thanks for your help with the ID!

>From what I remember, Nanking Cherry probably won't work for me in
Seattle because it is too warm and wet in the winter.  Does anyone have
advice on this (like Lon)?
Mark Lee, Seattle

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