[NAFEX] Pomona, Nutshell and NNGA Annual Reports to be auctioned.

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Mon Aug 2 10:40:05 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

Lois Davie, long time member along with her late husband Bill were members of 
several nut & fruit growing organizations. Lois has decided to donate their 
many years of collected material to NAFEX & NNGA by bringing all of it to be 
auctioned at the combined annual meeting Monday evening auction. All auction 
proceeds from the fruit publications will go to NAFEX and nut publications to 

Here is the list as I have it. 

Pomona issues from 1961 to 1992

Pomona Indexes printed 1967 & 1982

NAFEX membership Rosters 1980, 1993 & 1995

Compact Fruit Grower 1974 to 1982

Fruit Varieties Journal 1973 to 1991

Misc. American Chestnut Foundation material and reports 1986 to 2003   

Northern Nut Growers Annual Reports complete set, except the two years in 
which none were printed. 
This is a nearly once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain the complete set 
of, "The Northern Nut Growers Annual reports."  
NNGA Directories 1987, 89, 91 & 1993

Indiana Nut Growers "Hoosier Kernel" 1990 to 2004
    INGA publishes 4 issues annually, each usually 20 pages of nut and fruit 
growing information as well as other material of interest to family members 
such as gardening. Most were Edited by Bill Heiman or Jerry Lehman. 

The Nebraska Nut Growers "The NeNGA Newsletter" 1998 to 2004. 

Nebraska Membership Directories 1995 & 1996

1904 USDA Bulletin 123 , report on Pennsylvania Agriculture     

You can still register for the meeting. Most NAFEX members still haven't 
received the summer issue of Pomona which includes the program. Nearly forty 
speakers, over 50 presentations to choose from. Expected attendance at this point 
is 200. Come join your fellow members at Columbia, MO. Sunday, Aug. 15 thru 18. 
The current program is at WWW.NAFEX.org & WWW.Nutgrowing.org. 


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