[NAFEX] Mulberry

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Apr 30 18:22:27 EDT 2004

At 05:02 PM 4/30/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks Lucky
>Hey Lucky, my mulberry grafts are looking great. I even got a few cuttings
>to root. I have mulberry fruit on some of the grafts.

I've got several Che grafts on OO that are pushing leaves through the 
Parafilm.  I stuck a couple of pieces on mulberry again, just to see what 
might happen.
Think all the pears are leafing out - only one I didn't know if it was 
going to make it was Tom's pear, but I think it's gonna survive.
The jujube hasn't leafed out yet, but it's still got green cambium(I 
checked it one day this week), so it's just taking its time.
Didn't get around to planting the Pseudocydonia seeds til last weekend - 
most were beginning to sprout, and I think I noticed one pushing some 
leaves yesterday.

If that pathetic little Sal's Fig doesn't make it, let me know - I've got a 
half-dozen or so cuttings rooting that Doc Lisenby sent me.
Also have several big-fruited mulberries - Pakistan, Cat's Tail, Giant 
Black, that I got from Dan Hemenway, down in FL - grafted some of the 
smaller stuff and stuck the larger cuttings in to root.  They look good 
now, but time will tell as to how well they'll do.  May be able to send you 
some of those later.


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