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Hello. Here is the information on rooting Prunus cuttings that I promised to send. 


Technique for Rooting Plum Cuttings 


1.	Cutting Material

Taken mid-June on the prairies but probably considerably earlier in milder regions.  Cuttings should be taken as close to the root as possible but care must be taken to ensure they are taken above the graft union.


2.	Basal treatment

Dip only the very base (0.5 mm or less) in "Stim-Root 10,000 Liquid" (1.0% IBA in alcohol solution - a Plant Products Co. product) for several seconds.  Dipping more deeply can cause rot.  This concentration would normally be used with hardwood cuttings.


3.	Soil Mix

"Sunshine No. 4 Potting Mix."  This is a relatively coarse complete mix, pH adjusted and containing a wetting agent.


4.	Misting Regime

Spray the cuttings with a surfactant prior to starting to mist.  Mist very heavily for 2 days (20 seconds every 2 ½ minutes) then wean back to a normal level.





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