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Although it may not grow as aggressively in Wisconsin as in Kansas
(where my experience with this bothersome pest comes from), bermudagrass
can be extremely invasive, practically choking out anything that it
spreads around.  I think there are definitely better choices for a
groundcover for an orchard. -- Sam Brungardt, Saint Paul, MN (USDA Zone

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		Rondi Anderson  said:

		I have bermuda grass growing in one of my pastures and
I've always
		thought it would be good in our orchard as it is late to
grow in the
		spring, is thin and never gets higher then a foot often
less then 9
		inches. It's grown around here for hay and is high in
protein, but
		doesn't bind it into the soil as far as I aware.
		Where are you located?  What climate, conditions,
etc.--knowing more would let us decide if your experiences might be
helpful to others.



		Jim, in Menomonie, WI 


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