[NAFEX] When will my apple tree bloom?

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Sat Apr 24 07:39:03 EDT 2004

I planted a Jonathan on M111 four years ago.  For the last three years, 
it has had two distinct types of buds.  Every year, I hope that the fat 
buds at the ends of spurs will flower, but they never do.  The little 
buds that lie flat to the branches grow new branches, and the fat buds 
produce a ring of leaves.

So, does this mean that the tree is "mature" enough, but isn't getting 
enough sun/nutrients/water/???  Or do I just need to wait?  The tree is 
not in an ideal spot (I don't have any ideal spots), but it gets sun 
most of the day, and this year I plan to kill back the grass around it 
more aggressively.

Eastern Mass., zone 6
where the buds are just opening, and the daffodils and forsythia are in 

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