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I used bags that were 6 3/4" x 8" last year. This size worked pretty well, maybe a little big but not bad.  They looked really funny in June when the apples are only the size of a quarter with all of these huge bags hanging in the tree. I think some of my neighbors still question my sanity, having no idea why there would be plastic bags on a tree.
    Using twist ties wastes and inch or so in length compared to having a draw string. Last year I repositioned the bags a little a couple times because on some apples it looked like the apples were sticking to the plastic bag as it grew and stretch the bag a little (not nearly enough to break it.)

Tom Olenio <tolenio at sentex.net> wrote:
Anyone willing to buy and reship to interested people? 
Based on the average apple size, what sized bag would you need?  I do not think that a 3" bag will accomodate a full size, average apple, but will the poly bag stretch? 
A triploid would require an even larger poly bag. 
The drawstring bag appears perfect. 
"Volkening, Tom" wrote:  Sorry,I got interupted and sent the message out without the URL for the web site.I found a web site where they sell clear plastic drawstring bags by the case(1000).  The smallest size I saw was 3"x5".  I don't know anything about the company other than it came up when I did a Google search for plastic drawstring bags. http://www.saket.com/index.php/cPath/339 Tom Volkening 
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