[NAFEX] List of 2004 NAFEX fruit baggers

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I got interupted and sent the message out without the URL for the web site.
I found a web site where they sell clear plastic drawstring bags by the case(1000).  The smallest size I saw was 3"x5".  I don't know anything about the company other than it came up when I did a Google search for plastic drawstring bags.

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So far I we have the following list for bagging apples.  Add your name if interested. I'll try to keep track of the names and see if we can put a report together. We can keep it freeform, as long as everyone keeps track of what they did when they bagged their apples. (What kind of bags, when bagged, how many, how many dropped off, how many control apples, when harvested, quality of the fruit, was any spray used before bagging. If you use colored bags, when did you take the bags off.)


Naomi < dragon-star at cableone.net> Idaho Zone 6
Stefan Brandle < sbrandle at css.tayloru.edu> Indiana
Mark Lee < markl at nytec.com> Seattle zone 7B/8A
Nate Torgerson <nathantorgerson at yahoo.com> Minnesota Zone 4


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