[NAFEX] apple identification

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 21 23:00:25 EDT 2004

Can anyone give me any leads as to the true identity of this apple?  We are 
trying to acquire apples trees that are like two that we planted about 25 
years ago,   The name they gave us was, Chinese Golden Delicious also known 
as Chelsey (sp?) -- that is all we know about the name.

The apples ripen early, Mid August, they are light green in color, round and 
relatively small --- 2 or 2 1/2 inches diameter (smaller than a Lodi).  The 
apples are much tastier than the Lodi.  All of our friends flock to our back 
yard for bags of these apples.  They are very good to eat as is and make the 
best apple sauce I have ever made, plus they store very well in my crisper 
--- months!  (We have access to all types of apples, but none are as good as 
these). We also enjoy a prolific production of apples from these trees.
Thanks in advance!

Kevin Bradley

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