[NAFEX] Re: Plastic bags over apples

longdistshtr longdistshtr at shtc.net
Tue Apr 20 10:23:41 EDT 2004

I tried them over asian pears w/o ventilation holes, kept the European
Hornets away, but too much moisture invited fungal growths and seemed to me
to change the flavor.  Didn't stop raccoons from attacking them or birds
from pecking them.
I'll try it this year with ventilation holes. I've heard that growers in
Japan use paper bags and this may prevent the bird problem.  Zip Loc bags
have thicker plastic at the top and it's difficult to get a good seal with
them.  The cheaper sandwich bags don't present this problem. Maybe wrapping
them with paper under the plastic bag would hide them from the birds and
prevent the moisture accumulation???
Doc Lisenby
Zones 7/8

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