[NAFEX] need help using this message board

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Sat Apr 17 10:41:49 EDT 2004

The fastest way to get to the NAFEX board and read the posts is to go
to this url


Then, if you use Internet Explorer, click on the button (the little
down arrow at the right side of the address box which is usually the
first line above the big window that shows the information of whatever
web page you are looking at at the time), scroll down till you find
this same url as above


and click on it with your left mouse button.

If you want to see a different month or year than the one shown in
this url


change only that information (for instance when May rolls around you
would have to change April to May). Next time you look, the url for
May will show up when you click the little button (down arrow) at the
right side of the Address box of your browser.

To post directly to Nafex click on the name of the poster of the post
you are looking at and your mail system should open up with the proper
information prefilled in the send to box, and the subject box. You can
change the subject.

PS,  If you install Google as your toolbar by clicking on More at
www.google.com and then scrolling down to Google toolbar, the Google
toolbar will automagically block popups (not spam) unless you tell it
not to. The google tool bar also gives more assistance in searching
the web than just using it from www.google.com.

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