[NAFEX] need help using this message board

Mauch1 at aol.com Mauch1 at aol.com
Fri Apr 16 16:43:38 EDT 2004

<When I signed up, I asked to receive the digests to my email. This is how I 
read all the posts. But isn't there some way I can go to the message board at 
will and read the current posts? I have found no way to do this - so why do I 
have a password?
Yes, you can go to read post online.  The link is:
This will give you a "calendar" of all the posts since this 
list moved to "ibiblio" (If you want to read posts older than 
that, the old list is still (last I checked) on "yahoo" if 
you're interested).  Click on the current month and year and 
you'll see all the messages for the month.  The most current 
messages are at the bottom.  One problem, lately messages 
have been comming in in an html format and they can't be read
directly in ibiblio.  You can click on a link and 'sort of' 
see the message with the html format (very hard to read).

<It seems that sometimes all the messages don't come through in the digests. 
For instance, there will be an address from someone who has posted a message, 
but no message. Or there will be a response to a message that I never saw in 
the first place. Does this happen to everyone, or just me?
Can't say.  I too am signed up for digest, but mostly do my 
reading online (I do wish this forum had a way to post 
messages w/out going to my email (cumbersome!!!).

<I also need some technical advice. When replying to a post, do I have to 
manually type in the subject I am referring to? And how do I include the text I am 
referring to?>
Some people just respond to the digest, and it will post.  It's more "elegant" if you copy and paste from the specific message you're replying to.  To quote text from someone's messsage, again use copy&paste (although I think I tend to overdo it).  One thing I've never figured out is how to get my messages to follow 'the thread' of the original message.  Even though I keep the same title my messages always post as seperate.  A limitation of coming from AOL?  

I believe Gred Miller is the NAFEX list owner, but he tends to be very busy and *I think* only occasionaly participates (Greg I hope I didn't offend you - let me know if I'm wrong).

Hope this helps.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N    75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation

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