[NAFEX] Grackles?

Tom Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Apr 14 07:56:41 EDT 2004


Last year in our southwestern Ontario village I saw a few Grackles.  This year there are too many to count, and
they are a real pest of a bird.  They are dirty, leaving their droppings everywhere, and drive off other birds.

What is going on?  Why the Grackle population explosion?  Is this a side effect of West Nile Virus killing off
birds that compete with the Grackle for food?

I mentioned this to a coworker and they told me how the side of their car was covered all last year in
droppings, as the grackles perched on her car to look in the rearview mirrors, leaving a droppings when they

Very aggressive bird too.  I cannot scare them off.

Any information on this grackle problem?


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