[NAFEX] propagating Evans Cherry

Bernie Nikolai BNikolai at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 12 01:14:08 EDT 2004

Dr. Evans has planted many hundreds/thousands of Evans cherry seeds.  Almost without exception the plant that grows from the seed is weak, spindly, and inferior to the parent.  This is strange as it is self fruitful, and the seedlings should in theory be about as good as the parent.  Evans cherry grafts very readily to just about any prunus.  Its just that it dies over the winter almost 100% of the time, at least here in zone 3.  Pin cherry has allowed Evans to survive for 3 or 4 years, but eventually this dies as well.  Almost all Evans cherry sold is tissue cultured, so root cuttings will produce an Evans cherry bush just fine.  They transplant best when only a foot to 18 inches tall if you are cutting root suckers off the mother tree
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta.
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  Evans/Bali is typically sold as an own-rooted tree - my original was a tissue-cultured specimen from Bill MacKentley at St. Lawrence Nurseries.  It suckers prolifically, throwing up suckers 5-15 ft or so from the main trunk.  Since these are genetic clones of the original, I just dig them up and transplant to a new site or give them away to friends. 
  All the info I've seen on Evans indicates that it's not very graft-compatible with any other cherries/plums - maybe you'd have to use its own seedlings?  
  If memory serves correctly, it comes pretty 'true' from seed - I think there's at least one Canadian source that grows it from seed and sells seedlings


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