[NAFEX] grape adventitious buds ?

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri Apr 9 00:32:20 EDT 2004

   Grapes don't make adventitious buds.  That's one reason that rootstock
cuttings are commonly disbudded before grafting, so there won't be any
On the other hand, if the voles just ate the shoots, there might still be a
secondary or tertiary bud down in the area where the shoot came out.  They
can take a while to push, though, so be patient.  If they are rooted, pot
them up and give them something like fish fertilizer, pellets or dilute
liquid, and wait.
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I just dug up the 75 grape sticks I had planted last year for propagating.
Some of the ones that I had given a months bottom heat (for initial
callusing) now have a half dozen 2' roots, and nearly 2' growth up top.
I am repeating that method right now with currants to see if I can get them
a head start .
My question relates to the 20 grape cuttings that the, yes, voles ate the
new growth completely off at the bud. These were short grape cuttings - so
there was only a bud at bottom for roots and a bud at top for new growth.
These now have great roots - but no top, so...
1. Can grapes sprout from roots or adventitiously from the plain stem?
2. Anything I can do to help them along?

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