[NAFEX] propagating prunus/Evans Cherry

Bernie Nikolai BNikolai at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 9 00:08:11 EDT 2004

Hi Del,
    You inquiry couldn't be better timed.  By coincidence tomorrow I will be
with Dr. Evans of Evans cherry fame in his greenhouse doing some bench
grafting for a couple of hours.  I will relay your inquiry, and post an
answer from "the man himself" tomorrow for you.
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta
where we are having an early spring, and the golf courses open this weekend,
about 2 weeks early!

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Subject: [NAFEX] propagating prunus

> I saved a large handfull of dormant prunings from the tops of all the
> cherries the voles got, is there a way with some type of rooting hormone
> propagate these 12" sticks??
> Thanks Tom, unfortunatly these are under an inch dia. and the 12" of
> stripped trunk has already cracked to the center, so I must presume the
> sapwod is dead also.
> del stubbs wrote:
>  >#2 How can one bridge graft p. americana / plum after it leafs
> out......the stripped bark means the top will soon die...?
> >You have a window of opportunity.  The tree dies because it cannot get
> >energy back down to the rootstock.  The rootstock has to starve before
> >tree dies.  It could take 2 years for a large healthy rootstock to die.
> I would take cuttings now and store them, and bridge graft after they have
> leafed out or are definately out ofdormancy.
> That is what I would do with apples anyway.
> Tom
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