[NAFEX] propagating prunus

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Thu Apr 8 09:51:33 EDT 2004

What about digging up some roots and grafting these onto the hardwood 
cuttings?   I vaguely recall reading something about this in a 'Pomona', 
probably pre- online archive days.  I don't recall what the success rate 

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Subject: [NAFEX] propagating prunus
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 13:40:49 +0000

I saved a large handfull of dormant prunings from the tops of all the Evans 
cherries the voles got, is there a way with some type of rooting hormone to 
propagate these 12" sticks??

Thanks Tom, unfortunatly these are under an inch dia. and the 12" of 
stripped trunk has already cracked to the center, so I must presume the 
sapwod is dead also.

del stubbs wrote:
 >#2 How can one bridge graft p. americana / plum after it leafs 
out......the stripped bark means the top will soon die...?

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