[NAFEX] Voles/fruit trees

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Tue Apr 6 21:22:05 EDT 2004

Having read all the posts about voles, I am very happy that voles do
not live in my part of the country. Most of the advice I have come
across is poisoned bait, mowing low in areas where you don't want them
and encouraging predators such as owls to hang around your

That said,  I would recommend that you keep the grass very short for
quite a distance from your fruit trees and then find a way to
encourage voles to hang out at some distance by furnishing them a
"regular homestead" at a distance from the trees you are trying to
save from them.
Over at the homestead, let the grass grow taller (but maybe not too
tall so that owls have trouble finding the voles when shopping for
lunch), and in this area plant something that is one of their
favorites when they are out looking for lunch. I really have no idea
what that might be as some plants, such as parsnips may also be a
favorite to other critters such as deer, but a root crop that is
fairly shallow such as short carrots may help, as the voles would have
to come close enough to the surface for those sharp eared owls to find
them as they are foraging. I wish all of you with voles, good health,
and good fruit  to eat (if you can save your trees from the voles)..
Oh and good luck in keeping the vole population down far enough to
minimize damage to your fruit trees. Just say yes to vole control.

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