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I've discovered that "carefully selecting" based on available & accessible 
info, often doesn't supply enough info.   If the graft is rejecting, and 
more scionwood isn't available, and wrong time of season to graft or bud 
onto other 'stock, why not try own-rooting?

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After carefully selecting scion and rootstock, to achieve the variety and 
sized tree you want, why would you toss that away?

Also, on more mature trees even a shift in grade of a few inches can kill a 
tree.  Once a soil depth is set, it is usually permanently set.

Young wood (whips/seedlings) can tolerate changes in soil depth on the 
trunk, however mature wood suffers and dies.

That is my experience anyway.


tanis cuff wrote:

 > <snip>The only problem I've found is, what if I decide I want the topwork 
to grow
 > its own roots?  Then I have to dig a trench in order to get all the
 > rootstock below ground. <snip>

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