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This came thru the "Master Gardeners" listserv.   Note the chart of best 
timing for certain weeds.

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from the
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Postemergence, Non-Selective Herbicides for Landscapes and Nurseries


I know some of you are very organic-oriented, so please note that I'm
not proposing the use of these products.  But for those who do use
these products, it's best to know how they work, how and what they can
harm, and personal protection information.

For example, I've used RoundUp in the past on turf in order to make
more planting beds, and now I see RoundUp Pro in the stores.  There is
a difference, which the leaflet explains:

"Recently, the formulation of Roundup was changed. The new formulation,
Roundup-Pro, contains a new adjuvant mixture that has a lower dermal
toxicity (changing the toxicological signal word from "Warning"
to "Caution"), enhanced absorption and improved rain fastness to 1 1/2
hours (previously 6 hours). With improved absorption, Roundup-Pro has
greater potential for injuring conifers than did Roundup. How great is
the potential for injury? Landscapers who learned to use Roundup around
and over conifers have reported injury when Roundup-Pro was used in the
same manner. At this point we do not have all the answers, but
preliminary research suggests that fall applications may not have
increased potential for injury, but spring and summer applications of
Roundup-Pro will be more injurious than Roundup. Until more research is
conducted, it is advisable to be extra careful to avoid contacting the
foliage of trees and shrubs with Roundup-Pro."

So...be wise and beware.

There's also a chart as to the most effective time to kill certain
weeds with RoundUp... If you spray at the right time, you'll use less
herbicide during the year... better for the world, better for the

for example:
Perennial grasses (johnsongrass, fescue, etc.)
  1% (rate of application*)
  At time of first flowering

  At time of first flowering

  Early spring, with 6 to 8 inches of new growth; or early fall

  1 to 1.5%
  Fall and early winter

Composites (asters, goldenrod, dogfennel, etc.)
  From first flowering to a few weeks before frost

  1 to 1.5%
  Full bloom and up to a month after (early summer)

See link for full available listing.

* 1% solution = 1.25 oz of Roundup-Pro per gal of water

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