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Tue Sep 30 15:52:08 EDT 2003

Dear NAFEXers,

First of all, let me thank you for the many kind, understanding 
responses I got to the fact that the fall Pomona will be late.  I 
appreciate that so much.

Secondly, I received the following question, and could not find the 
answer.  Perhaps I did not search back far enough, because it sounded 
familiar to me, too.  Can anyone help Dean?  He is also having trouble 
getting registered to this list, which is why I have passed the question 
on for him.

Again, thanks to you all!

Jackie Kuehn

Jackie -- Perhaps my memory is faulty, but I seem to recall a Pomona 
article about restoring old apple trees. Has there been such? I'm 
interested because I have a small, abandoned apple orchard at our farm 
in southeastern Minnesota. I want to restore it. Can you help me? -- 
Thanks, Dean Rebuffoni, NAFEX member, Minneapolis drebuffoni at mn.rr.com 
<mailto:drebuffoni at mn.rr.com>

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