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     Storing apples in plastic bags will only extend their relative life in
storage if they are refrigerated.  Storing in open air or room temperature
can not be enhanced much regardless of technique.


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I hadn't considered storing apples in plastic bags.
Are you saying that that will prolong apple storage?
Can you do that will all apples?  What about pears?


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My response----------

Best estimate on proper maturity dates for Liberty in your area is Sept.
28-Oct. 3 or 10-14 days prior to Delicious.  And since your season
during the last 20-30 days prior to maturity is much cooler than ours,
flesh density remains a bit better and therefore storage length of time
would be extended somewhat.

My best guess is it would still be no more than 6-8 weeks.  Also storage
temperature is critical.  In a home refrigerator, the likely maximum low
would be around 36-38 degrees which is some 6-7 degrees shy of optimal
for any long term storage.  Also storing them in plastic bags will
enhance storage time a bit.

Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Ohio cool, much rain, fall-like

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