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Judson L. Frisk

We have had drought most of the summer here in SW Iowa.  Most of my pawpaws
are still hanging on the tree.  They are still hard as rocks!  A few have
dropped but are not edible yet. I have kept them hoping that they will ripen
like a pear.  We had very hot weather in late August but it doesn't appear
to have ripened them.
My persimmons (Early Golden) are starting to fall.  They are golden in color
and just a little astringent.  I like to eat them plain and spit out the
seeds.  Later they turn brown and get a little sweeter.
Judson L. Frisk zone 5 SW Iowa

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   This is one of the latest harvest for Paw Paws I have experience. Some
are falling when the tree is given a moderate shake. Many however are still
hanging on.

Mark   SW Ohio

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