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I have grown Bud 118-bud 9 interstems for about 7 years.  Several trees on nearly pure, somewhat alkaline sand are doing very well.  They do not appear to show water stress.  The fruit on the interstems is perhaps, just a bit smaller than trees on plain Bud 9's.  The Bud-9's are on good soil, however, so the comparison  is not necessarily "apples to apples".

I recently put in a few Honeycrisps on straight 118.  They seems a bit slow to establish the first year, but took off the second, putting on 2-3 feet of new growth.

An interesting observation on 118 is that is a rosybloom type.  It has beautiful deep pink blooms and appears to be fairly scab resistant.  The apples are in the apple/crab range for size, ripen here in August, and are sweet with  fairly high tannin levels.  Unlike most hardy crabs that have tannins, 118  tastes like it is relatively low in acid levels.  I plan to fruit 118's to try as a source of tannin for hard ciders--something that is thus far almost non-existent in zone 3 hardy apples.

Good luck with your plantings.  I think that 118 will prove very useful for folks who don't need much dwarfing.

Steve Herje, Lone Lock, WI  USDA zone 3
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  Hey folks. . .

  I'm seriously considering having a decent sized block (400 trees) of heirloom apple trees grafted onto Bud 118 this coming Spring and would like to hear firsthand what the pros and cons may be of this rootstock relatve to the other Standard sized cold-weather rootstocks like Antanovka, Baccata, Ranetka or even P18.  I realize the trees on Bud 118 are going to be big and cold hardy.  What I'm most interested in learning about is the precocity, productivity and fruit sizes of trees grafted onto this stock.   

  Here's a bit of what I've been able to Google:

  BUDAGOVSKY 118 (Bud 118)   

  "About the same vigor as MM.111, but as winter-hardy as Antonovka.  Burrknots and suckers are rare.  Productive; well-anchored."  (CUMMINS NURSERY)

  "Produces a tree 90% that of standard. The vigor of Bud 118 is particularly valuable on dry, sandy orchard sites. This understock is resistant to collar rot and apple scab, and slightly susceptible to crown gall and powdery mildew. B 118 is extremely winter hardy and is recommended for replant conditions."  (C&O NURSERY)

  "A vigorous, semi-dwarf rootstock that produces trees roughly the same size as those grown on EMLA 111 roots.  Bud 118 is from the same Russian program that created Budagovsky 9 (Bud 9).  It is extremely cold hardy, well anchored and works with most soils."   (VAN WELL NURSERY)

  Is there anybody on the list who's had trees on Bud 118 for a number of years who'd care to share of their personal experiences with this rootstock?

  Any/all feedback greatly appreciated.


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