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Jim F bonfire58_2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 07:30:15 EDT 2003

   Re Tom's letter, I have spent a number of years in California's San Joaquin, have observed thousands of acres of grape vines and have yet to see any planted in gravel.  Evidently some do plant in gravel, somewhere that Tom Knows of - I'd like to learn how well they do in that medium.
   In zone 5, there should be no problem overwintering grapes whereas we, in zone 3 get our (tender) grapes through the winter using the "Minnesota tip."  We dig a 6" trench on one side of the plant, then, with a fork, loosen the roots on the other side of the plant.  Finally, tip the plant into the trench and cover with soil.
Jim Fruth

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