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   It has been a long time since I've said much about the NAFEX Interest
Groups.  If you aren't a NAFEX member (and I understand there are a few such
on this list) the Interest Groups are sort of a subset of NAFEX where
members can connect with others having special interest in a specific fruit
or nut.  In the past, the chairmen of such groups would collect the comments
and results of the group members and publish a report in POMONA at regular
intervals.    That's still the general idea, but results may vary from group
to group. 
   As to what it takes to chair a group, it isn't necessary to have a lot of
information on the fruit in question.  The main thing is to have a strong
interest.  We had a chairman of the peach group one time, the late Mike
Kucyk, who didn't know squat about peaches when he started, but by the time
he died, he had started a peach nursery.  He didn't plan it, he was just
that enthusiastic.  The thing that counts is to be able to keep in contact
with the members, stir up their interest, and ask leading questions when
needed to prompt things.
   Originally, like NAFEX itself, this was all done by letters.  Now, I can
set up an internet version which will let a chairman keep in contact with
all the members of the group easily, which makes it simple to  collect
relevant items out of the archives to make a report to POMONA.  The
housekeeping of the list is vey simple, to the extent that I have been doing
it for most of the chairmen so they don't have to concern themselves about
it and can concentrate on the group.
   If someone feels there is a need for a new group, or they wish to try
being chairman of one of the existing groups, there is always room for more
enthusiastic people.  Even if the group has a chairman, it's possible to
become a regional chairman, though it helps if there are active members in
your area before you do so.
   If you have questions about the interest group, or want to join/chair
one, contact me offlist.
-Lon Rombough, Interest Group Coordinator
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