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Fri Sep 19 19:02:22 EDT 2003

I've had Liberty grown in NJ and in Mass.  It was similar in both 
places.  It is a "mac-type" apple, with a very good flavor.  It won a 
taste test at the NJ orchard (where it was too warm for Macs to be any 
good.)  If allowed to over-ripen it develops rich and interesting winey 
flavors, but turns to an unappealing mealy mush.  I've often thought it 
would be good in "fresh cider".  (I've heard it also develops "off" 
flavors if overripe, but perhaps that person has different tastes from 
mine.)  If picked at the proper time it has a good texture and keeps a 
little better than a McIntosh, which is to say, not very well.  Like a 
Mac, it is better in applesauce than in pie, because it doesn't hold 
its shape when cooked.  I've had terrific applesauce made from the ones 
that we picked in Mass. and didn't get around to eat until they were 

I have read that it is highly scab resistant and easy to grow.  Also 
that the fruit tends to ripen at once, in a fairly narrow window.  I 
considered growing it, but decided that (1) the narrow window might be 
a problem - what if I was out of town that weekend? and (2) that I can 
buy it and similar apples locally, so I could better spend my limited 
sun on something harder to come by.

Ginda Fisher

On Friday, September 19, 2003, at 03:56  PM, Scott Williamson wrote:

> In doing more research for Apple varieties that are ‘easy’ to grow in 
> Indiana I found that the Cooperative Extension Service recommends Scab 
> resistant varieties. Apple Scab apparently being the #1 disease in 
> Indiana (they may have mentioned fireblight for the south). They 
> listed the following varieties as good candidates. Can anybody give me 
> input on any of these? Taste, performance, whether they are suited for 
> Indiana, etc.? I want to start with some simpler ones to grow, but 
> also want them to be palatable.

> Pristine
> Dayton
> Redfree
> Prima
> Priscilla
> Jonafree
> Liberty
> Enterprise
> Goldrush
> Thanks,
> Scott
> Central Indiana, Zone 5b
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