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>So does dormant sprays help control black knot?  More imput here please.
>Shelly SE WI zone 4/5  (I cut 1 branch out early this spring on my Stanley plum--which is right now loaded with fruit; so much so I'm thinking I need to brace some of the branches).   YUM.

Here's a link to New York's Black Knot of Plums factsheet:


The important things to notice are that black knot infections occur in spring and we're not likely to see the results before the following year.  So if the disruption of my early seaon spraying was a problem, I might not know yet.

My "disease" sprays that time of year include lime sulfur, micronized sulfur, GardensAlive's copper soap, and Serenade.  The change I made two seasons ago, that might have influenced this season's lack of knots, was that I began using Serenade.  But there are way too many variables to consider this any proof that it prevented black knot.  This year, however, had some ideal infection weather and, although other spraying didn't occur, I got the Serenade on the trees.  Next year's crop of black knot might be a good measure of Serenades' effectiveness.

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