[NAFEX] Anyone growing Golden Nugget?

Bernie Nikolai bnikolai at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 14 17:39:29 EDT 2003

Hi Kevin,
        I saw and tasted this cultivar when I last visited Fred Janson's
orchard some years ago.  I was VERY impressed with the fruit taste and the
neon yellow glowing fruit.  I had Fred send me scions from his location in
Ontario.  Alas, even topworked, it didn't make it through the winter for me
in zone 3.  It is very tender, as most cultivars do live for me if I go
through the trouble of grafting them onto hardy stembuilders.  The problem
seems to be it does best in cool climates, but isn't hardy.  Not a very good
combination if you ask me...But if you are in the small niche climate where
it will grow well, it is well worth growing.
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta

At 12:09 AM 9/14/03 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a few questions about this cultivar. It has many great qualities, 
>early to bear, excellent dessert quality, beautiful fruit, natural semi 
>dwarf. Is anyone else growing it? and what do you think? Any faults beyond 
>short shelf life? It bore its second crop for me this year and the fruits 
>are incredibly good tasting but I suspect it isn't going to be a very 
>productive tree. Any comments please?
>Kevin B
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