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> Subject: [NAFEX] Anyone growing Golden Nugget?
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> I have a few questions about this cultivar. It has many great qualities, 
> early to bear, excellent dessert quality, beautiful fruit, natural semi 
> dwarf. Is anyone else growing it? and what do you think? Any faults beyond 
> short shelf life? It bore its second crop for me this year and the fruits 
> are incredibly good tasting but I suspect it isn't going to be a very 
> productive tree. Any comments please?
> Thanks
> Kevin B

Well Kevin, I have had a tree (on EMLA 9) since 2000 but that's about
all. It has been growing very slowly here in Vermont at the 4a/3b boundary,
but then pretty much everything does grow slowly except the weeds. Last
year the summer was very dry and it suffered from the drought; it has done
better this year. I would guess I may see some fruit the year after
next. Good to know that it is at least interesting!


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