[NAFEX] Cultivar of the Quarter

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Sun Sep 14 10:21:13 EDT 2003

Art, Jackie, et. al.,

Nice idea for a new feature in Pomona, Jackie/Allen.
For what it's worth, both Sungold and Moongold were dismal failures here and
nearly put an end to my adventures with apricots.  However, Puget Gold (as
some recent Nafex Conference attendees might attest?) has done decidedly well
here, and might be another variety worth trying.  No negative feedback
(so far) from any of the folks to whom I have recommended (or for whom I have
planted) this variety, though I haven't heard how Don Yellman's have done this
year down in his neck of the woods.  Hope your success continues, Art.

Honeycrisp is another winner up here - truly in a class by itself: annual
yields of good sized, (although our drought has affected their size this year)
beautifully colored and "explosively crisp" apples that keep better than
anything I've ever grown.  The typical leaf discoloration persists but
apparently has no negative effect on the end result.  Wish they had a little
more flavor, but I bet a lot of folks are already working on that.

Gouldsboro, ME  Zone 5

Art Petrzelka wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-09-13 at 09:29, Jacquelyn Kuehn wrote:
> > Apricots "Moongold" and "Sungold"
> I set out two Moongold and two Sungold last fall that I got on an
> end-of-season sale. Against all advice from Extension, I planted them
> last October on a slight southeast slope, and again against all advice
> from Extension, I expected apricot to grow in Iowa. (They didn't know
> that my family has always had apricots.)
> Despite a dry winter, and heavy clay soil with moderate drainage, they
> did well this year. They set a lot of fruit, which all dropped. There
> was some insect damage on the leaf margins earlier because of a cold,
> wet spring. They are looking good, thriving, and I'm looking forward to
> homemade apricot jam again.
> No rodent damage yet.
> --
> Art Petrzelka
> Amana, Iowa, USA
> USDA Hardiness Zone 5aa

Jackie Kuehn wrote:

> > Thanks to an idea sent to me by NAFEX member Allen Cosnow, we're going 
> > to try a new regular feature in Pomona:  Cultivar of the Quarter.

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