[NAFEX] Interstem Apples

Brian Pearson bjpearson at centurytel.net
Sun Sep 14 08:15:17 EDT 2003

>Yes, but not terribly deeply.  How's the rain down your way, Kevin?  It
>started here late Friday afternoon, and as of now, early Sunday morning,
>we've had an even 3 inches and it's still raining!  I sampled some
>oriental pears off the trees last night--again, just a "novelty" fruit for
>me, not what I desire in a pear.
Cheers,  Brian

I had a P 22 on antonovka that suckered badly but then I replanted it with
>the lower graft below ground. Before I could get any results from this
>experiment though the tree was eaten by deer.
>So, Brian, did you bury the lower graft union?
>Kevin B
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