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> Dear NAFEXers,
> Thanks to an idea sent to me by NAFEX member Allen Cosnow, we're going 
> to try a new regular feature in Pomona:  Cultivar of the Quarter.  Allen 
> suggested selecting a few fruit cultivars, and inviting member response 
> on experiences with those cultivars, to be gathered together for each 
> issue.  The Fall Pomona is about to go out, but I could give you the 
> weekend to send me responses on the initial batch of cultivars, chosen 
> by Allen.  So if you have any comments to make, for this time I'm taking 
> them by email ONLY because of time; in the future, regular mail will 
> work, too.  Thanks!
> Jackie
> Red currant "Cherry"
> Apricots "Moongold" and "Sungold"
> Pear rootstock OHxF 513
> Quince "Aromatnaya"
> Apples "Honeycrisp" and "Rhode Island Greening"

Definitely a good idea; I am certainly interested to hear about all of
them. Here is my two-pennith-worth

Apricots. ``Moongold'' and ``Sungold'' are the only apricots I have
succeeded in growing here in Vermont, USDA 4a/3b (although thanks to Bob
Purvis I now have a Westcot in the ground; winter is coming and we shall
see). Two ``Sungolds'' are doing pretty well after some serious vole damage
(the voles seem to prefer apricots to all other fruit trees), no fruit yet
but the older one flowered last year as did the ``Moongold''. Here,
``Moongold'' seems somewhat less winter hardy, my third try after two
deaths suffered quite severe cold damage last year (-40deg but deep snow)
while the ``Sungolds'' were essentially unscathed, except the flower buds
were killed.

Quince. ``Aromatnaya'' seems marginally hardy here, and is actually gaining
ground each year from a rocky start, despite not being very well
treated. I was so encouraged by this that I planted some others this year:
``Kaunching'', ``Kurganskaya'', ``Orange'' and ``Tashkent'' -- ``Smyrna''
had previously been winter killed; all are/were in protected spots.

The deer ripped my only ``Honeycrisp'' off the rootstock (after pushing
over the fence); will anyone have any scions next Spring?

Richard Melrose

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