[NAFEX] scale on Myers Lemon

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Fri Sep 12 17:27:47 EDT 2003

I have a myers lemon that lives in a pot through the winter, and in the 
ground when it's not too cold - it will probably come inside in about a 

I noticed that it seems to have picked up some scale this summer.  I 
haven't had scale on this plant before, but my experience with other 
houseplants is that it gets much worse when a plant goes indoors.  Any 
suggestions of how to combat the scale?  It is obviously a plant we eat 
from, but it doesn't currently have any fruit on it (the two that were 
growing fell prematurely, possibly because of the scales living near 
the fruit stems.)

There aren't many scales on it right now, but I've tried picking them 
off manually in the past without much luck.  The young insects are 
transparent, and have a bad habit of hanging out in crevices and other 
hard-to-see places.  I did end an infestation of something that looked 
like wooly algelid on this plant by removing every bug by hand over a 
two week period - I went over it leaf by leaf three or four times.  
(It's not very big.)  But I don't know if that will be good enough for 

Ginda Fisher
zone 6, eastern MA

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