[NAFEX] Coddling moth , apple maggot strategies

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at css.tayloru.edu
Thu Sep 11 14:01:55 EDT 2003

Another solution to the sticky issue of tanglefoot-ed traps is to cover 
the ball with a plastic sandwich bag and tie it on with a twist-tie. At 
the end of the season, just untie and drop bag into garbage. The actual 
ball gets a tiny bit sticky, but not bad at all.

On a related topic, I bought a bunch of styrofoam balls at a craft shop, 
painted them bright red, coated and hung them. The insects appear to 
like them just as well as the substantially more expensive balls that 
you can buy.

While I'm writing, there is something local that really looks like 
elderberry (covered with berries that look like black elderberry 
berries). I'm reasonably familiar with elderberry and everything about 
the plants (clumps, leaves, berries) looks right. Is there any chance of 
it being some other evil/dangerous plant masquerading as elderberry? I 
remember hearing about "porcelainberry" being mistaken for elderberry (I 
don't think that they really look similar at all) and got to wondering 
whether eating the berries that I found would be a mistake.

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