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Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
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I live in a climate like yours, and also use minimal sprays.  What do you do
to control apple maggot.

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Lucky Pittman wrote:

> Ginda,
> The bulk of my apples, or at least those I planted the first two or
> three years, as I was getting the orchard established, are on a combo
> M111/M9 rootstock.  Most are in

The bulk of my original orchard was also on M111/M9.
In my climate on the Oregon coast I have decided it is too dwarfing to
get much production.
So all my latest plantings have been on M111 only.
Suckering seems to be very selective.
A few of the trees sucker heavily.
A lot of them have never suckered.
It may be caused by the variety on top.
I don't know why really.
The M111/M9 trees are not over 8 feet now.
The M111 trees while not as old are not much taller, maybe up to 10 feet.
I believe in summer pruning and do it regularly on all the trees.
I grow organically and spray very little except for a winter oil and copper.
I have a young Honey Crisp graft that seems to be doing better than the
ones mentioned in recent posts. It is heavily cropped this year but not
ripe yet.
Here garvenstein was just harvested and summer red is just about ready
to give you an idea of the growth pattern here.

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