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Sammons, Isabella isammons at ofheo.gov
Mon Sep 8 11:10:34 EDT 2003

Thanks for the reply.  My mistake was not keeping the planted seeds warm.

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I got a pound of PA Golden Paw Paw from John Gordon fairly late, maybe early
June. Simply planting them in a warm greenhouse (80-85F) in a peat mix
germinated about 90%. They took about 6-7 weeks to pop. Im assuming they
were in cold storage over the winter. 


On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 09:50 AM, Sammons, Isabella wrote: 

NAFEX Members -- 

I have some fresh pawpaw seeds that I would like to germinate.  Last year I
kept gathered some fresh seed, put them in moist peat moss in a plastic bag,
kept them in the refrigerator over winter,and potted them in the spring.
None germinated.  

Would appreciate it if someone had some ideas on how I should proceed this

Thanks very much. 

Isabella Sammons 

Zone 7, Manassas, VA 


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