[NAFEX] Interstem Apples

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Sun Sep 7 23:29:12 EDT 2003

I've been perusing Kevin's website (edible forest) and notice he sells 
a bunch of apples on M111 with an M9 interstem.  I've seen this before, 
mostly from the late lamented Bear Creek.  I was wondering what the 
advantages and disadvantages of this rootstock combo are.  Obviously, 
some of these attributes are relative - any tree is likely to mature 
larger here in zone 6 than in zone 3.  But:

How big does it grow?
How fast does it fruit?
How much support does it need?
How badly does it sucker?
How much coddling does the resulting tree need?
Any other striking features - good or bad?

I'm specifically thinking of buying an Ashmead's Kernal to be planted 
in eastern Mass. (zone 6) but I've wondered about this rootstock before 
so the question is more general.


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