[NAFEX] zone 3 honeycrisp

Ed Fackler efackler at woh.rr.com
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Greetings, Helen, Doreen and others.

Honeycrisp is sensative to a combo of the following.

1.  Most all species of leafhoppers (and there are many aside from WAL) love
Honeycrisp above other varieties.
2.  Based on preliminary observations, it also is a heavy user of K when
carrying a crop load and I think some of the typical leaf disorders are
associated with this need (and possibly Ca. and N.).
3.  Honeycrisp/MM111 as grown on marginally fertile clay/loams (weak area of
the farm) in So. Indiana also exhibited these symptoms when in production.
4.  Honeycrisp can be severely biannual if overcropped, even a little.
5.  In more southern regions (zone 6 southward) flavor is bland/sweet, but
still has great texture and has little color.

     That is about it on experiences with this great eating apple.

ed, southern Ohio, pleasant fall-like.......

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Del, I have three honeycrisp custom grafted on M111 (we paid a patent fee on
those) last Spring. They did really well, and as well if not better in some
cases, than other varieties done at the same place same time on M111.
I also have a honeycrisp on M111 that I grafted myself last year and it's
done well. I don't see leaf problems.
The right rootstock is an important factor, as may be the soil too...

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