[NAFEX] Re: Changing Jobs

Joe and Ellen Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Wed May 28 18:50:39 EDT 2003

I agree with the fluffy bunny.

Let me add that I think growing fruit is a nice counterbalance to a 
"normal" job.  It can be an anchor when other things are going insane. 
Having many activities smooth out lifes injustices.  It is rare when 
*everything* goes into the septic tank at the same time.

I once read that it was the women in primative societies who, day in and 
day out, brought home most of the calories.  Every day they would pick a 
  few handfuls of seeds, a pouch of berries,  and a cluster of tubers. 
The guys, on the other hand, would often go for weeks without bringing 
home any meat (read; protein and fat).  But let me tell you, it was a 
heck of a party when they downed a mastodon.

I have seen several families treat the day-job and the home-grown food 
as the day-to-day way of living.  This is analogous to the women 
gathering seeds, nuts, berries.

Then, they have a little enterprise on the side that was their 
mad-money.  One guy sold seed nuts.  He sold enough seed nuts in a good 
year to buy his wife a new car.  I suppose others might use the money to 
travel.  The enterprise was like the guys stalking the mastodon.

I think this is a pretty sane way of approaching things.
-Joe Hecksel
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