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First of all - thanks for having the courage to spill your beans with this 
group. Obviously many of us have been bit by the same bug. I am on my 5th 
year, though it was a life dream ( I am 50 now)  I have never had so much 
fun. The 1.5 acre orchard I started from buried grafts is now over my head 
and I walk in it first thing every morning with my coffee, like a proud 
papa. We live too remote to sell much from the farm direct, so in a few 
years I will be dealing with either farmers market or selling to local 
sellers. I am so enamored with grating/propagating I may move more into a 
nursery situation, using my orchard as a 'proof of the pudding' for locals 
to see before buying trees. I consider it to be a future supplementary 
income, and the experimental growing I am doing is my contribution to a 
fruitless area that should be abundant in fruit. By buying wholesale 
rootstocks at under a dollar each, or growing my own, this entire operation, 
fence included, has only cost me about a grand in 5 years. So if one can get 
some land it can be quite affordable to get started. Best of luck! Del
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>Subject: [NAFEX] changing jobs - fruit interests
>Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 09:03:59 -0700 (PDT)
>Hello all,
>This may be odd place to talk about this, and I dont
>know if anyone can really offer me any real advice
>about this, but I am not sure where to go.
>I am pretty new a fruit culture, but I am finding it
>really interesting...more interesting than what I am
>doing now.
>Let me back-up a bit.
>I am about 36 years old and I am working at Spelman
>College and lab tech and teacher of Computer Graphics.
>It's a nice job with pretty good perks, but I am not
>as interested in computers as I once was.  For a while
>now, I have been just floating along with no real
>interest in anything.  I bought my first house about 6
>years ago with 1/4 acre lot. I had no interest in
>plants at all then (which is why I got the small lot),
>but with constant prodding of the guy next door to
>keep my lawn cut, the issue of yardwork was forced
>upon me. After 2 years of mowing and cutting hedges, I
>begin to tell people that "grass does not put food on
>the table, so why am I spending so much time with
>it!". I thought about what I said and it clicked. If I
>am going to work in the yard, it needs to be something
>I enjoy. Suddenly, I thought fruit trees! Why not! So
>I started and haven't stopped yet. Now most of my free
>time I am reading books and web pages and planting
>anything and everything in the yard. I have planted
>many trees and bushes. I have met many wonderful
>people who have encouraged me.  Most of them on this
>list! I have learned more that I have ever wanted to
>know about fruit culture and I am still a novice. I
>have rooted my first cutting last year and budded my
>first tree this spring. I seem to be getting deeper
>and deeper in to the hobby with no way out. :)
>Today I see a crossroad coming and I am not sure of
>what to do. Do I keep this as just a hobby (and get
>buy more land) or do I make it really work for me. I
>have no formal training in horticulture. Do I go back
>to school, and if so what do I do when I get out? Will
>this be a fruit thing be just a passing fancy, or will
>I start breeding my own cultivars.
>I know, these are questions I need answer myself, but
>I always found it good to hear for others about their
>journeys and what they do.
>Anyone care to share?
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