[NAFEX] signs and symptoms of Lyme disease

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Thanks Charlie.

Worth adding is the religious use of tick repellant.   I try to spray the 
outer layer of clothing with a DEET product, at least late April thru July, 
when the nyphal stage is active (they are TINY, like bits of sand clinging 
to your skin-- very hard to see, but they can transmit Lymes, so I was 

Stay healthy, nafexers.

Tanis (s.WI)

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We sure have a lot of ticks here in Massachusetts.   I found my first on
April 1 [April Fool's Day!].  I always hot water wash every bit of
clothing after being in the field, find ticks on myself or my clothing
every week, I would estimate about 24 so far this year, and they're
about equally divided between deer ticks and dog ticks.  [The latest
word I heard is it doesn't matter which species of tick, either species
carry Lyme now.]....

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