[NAFEX] Lye for stumps?

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Sun May 25 18:37:06 EDT 2003

Better check with Fungi Perfecti on this.  Stumps that have been around that
long may already be pretty well infected with other fungi, making it harder
to get mushrooms started.
   I just removed a maple stump that was about 4 feet in diameter, with a
brush beater.  The stump was 20 years old and so punky I just dropped the
mower on it and reduced it to dust in about 30 seconds.  I had tried to
innoculate it with mushrooms one time but it had already started with other
fungi too much.
-Lon Rombough

On Saturday 24 May 2003 22:32, Lon J. Rombough wrote:
> If you aren't in a huge hurry, may I suggest you visit
> http://www.fungiperfecti.com/  and see about getting some mushrooms to
> digest the stump?  Takes about three years and you get mushrooms you can
> eat, or possibly some medicinal types, depending on what you get.  The

Lon, I think you just turned one of my biggest liabilities into an asset!  I
have 15 acres of land that was clear cut in 1992/3, acres of deep ravines
that are covered in savanna-type trees, and 40 acres of mature timber that
has been mauled by straight-line windstorms, heavy snow on green leaves and
general havoc by Nother Nature. I thought my alternatives to clear land were
dynamite, D7s or large bonfires every day of the year.

Thank you.  Now I better buy your book as a thank you. Brand new, too, not
used like I buy most of my books. God bless Abebooks.com!
Art Petrzelka
Amana, Iowa

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