[NAFEX] Re:Lye for Tree Stumps

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Sun May 25 18:33:12 EDT 2003

Can't help but wonder if it may be harder to get stuff like this (including
the nitrate fertilizers) because of the use of it in home made explosives by
terrorists.  Anyone had any experience with that in buying the stuff?

Removal is fairly easy if one bores holes in the stump and pours a
little sodium  or potassium nitrate/niter/saltpeter in the holes. (used
to be able to get it for preserving hams and bacon, but now a chemical
supply house would be your best bet.)  In < a year, the stump can be
burned or left to disintegrate in < two years.
Can't get dynamite w/o a bunch of red tape but that was the preferred
method a few years back.  Sometimes you have to buy new china for your
grandma if you use too much.(emperical knowledge)  A quarter-stick for a
fence-post size pine is about right.  Must be tamped hard and deep.
Never blow stumps on Sunday, especially in the morning,
in the Bible Belt.
Maybe ammonium nitrate fertilizer would work in lieu of saltpeter??  Add
some sulfur and saltpeter to a burned stump and you have black powder.

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